Bringing Races Together 2017

With DiNardo going MIA this episode, WagnerToCutch takes over. In this episode, Wags discusses the rise of the Indians. After the trade for Jay Bruce, this team has become a true contender. He also describes how will they manage the lineup once the team gets healthy and everyone comes back.
Next, he and Geddis talk MLB umpires and the way they’re impacting the game while Geddis also has his monthly meltdown over his ‘beloved’ Mets.
Lastly, the show wraps up with featured guest @EvilNeal making his debut on DiNardo’s Dugout. The beloved Alex Morgan stan comes on to talk Rays baseball and claps back at the Kid Correspondent, Garrett.

Mentioned: Jay Bruce, Francisco Lindor, Michael Brantley, Andrian Beltre, Tim Beckham, & Yonder Alonso

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