Best Walk Up Song

From walk up music to dead ducks, we have it all this episode.

It starts with a discussion that started last week between Geddis & Tyler about their best choice of a walk up song would be. As you can imagine, it gets a little crazy.

From here DiNardo brings up the fiasco of Joe Maddon choosing not to use Wade Davis in a 1-1 ball game and instead letting John Lackey continue to pitch. In 2017, why is anyone using a statement, ‘playing for the save?’

This leads WagnerToCutch to reintroduce his ‘Suck Of The Week’ segment where he goes off on some Cubs fans specific tweets. Trust me, he is a very angry and bitter man.

This all brings us to the final topic which was the Tigers hiring of Ron Gardenhire. Was this a smart move? A Safe Move? Does this implicate a new manager will be hired in the near future?

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