Happy Fall Harvest

We are just a few weeks into the MLB offseason while also just one week away from Thanksgiving. With the MVP awards announced tonight, Tyler and DiNardo break down the champs while gloating a bit on their correct picks.

This leads into our discussion about Giancarlo Stanton and the lack of communication provided by Derek Jeter and the Marlins. With a franchise player like this how are you NOT getting him on the phone??

This is the part of the show where Tyler and DiNardo get festive. Each of them break down some of their favorite foods and then compare that food to an MLB player. There are some really hot takes here as well as some really good comparisons. Well, except for the pumpkin pie take. All the pumpkin pie noise leads into the very first ‘Dugout Debate’ of SZN 3.

Lastly, we are ecstatic for the Braves in the hiring of Alex Anthopoulos and give all of you Braves fans hope just a month after hearing the bad news surrounding John Coppolella and his unethical tactics. Since we are in the wheeling and dealing discussion, we also break down the Ryon Healy trade that sent him from Oakland to Seattle.

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