Disappointed In Pittsburgh

Well it has been quite the disappointing week for fans around Pittsburgh. First, Gerrit Cole gets traded to the Astros for an underwhelming package. Then, the Steelers lose to the Jaguars. Finally to cap it off, the Pirates also traded the face of their franchise in Andrew McCutchen for not much of anything.

As we all know, our producer on DiNardo’s Dugout is a loyal Jags fan and there was plenty of noise between Geddis and our very own WagnerToCutch. The duo have a few words and rants over the game and the takes fans are giving about the coaching staff.

OK, back to baseball. WagnerToCutch, or shall we say WagnerToHopeless, gives his takes on the recent moves made by Neal Huntington. You almost can hear him seething on the mic over everything that has happened and what it means for the future of this organization. It doesn’t stop there either. He has a few things to say about owner Bob Nutting. DiNardo tries to provide some rational thoughts to the Cole trade, but its back to the futile front office and Cutch deal for everyone.

With such disappointment, we bring on a new segment to the show. WagnerToHopeless and DiNardo provide a list of top 5 moments they were disappointed in their lives. Geddis decides to pass on this because his disappointments will make the most disappointed person cry for him.

Finally, we wrap up the show as we now do in Trivia fashion. Geddis provides the trivia questions provided by @evilneal who apparently has some private investigator attributes to his skills.

3 thoughts on “Disappointed In Pittsburgh

  • January 22, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Honus was a tough negotiator and sat out parts of spring training, once upon a time. Yes, he played 17 years in his hometown and yes, he retired a Pirate, and yes the Pirates bailed him out and brought him back as a coach. Barney Dreyfuss was a business man and understood that baseball even then was a business. He brought Honus home along with a number of other players … he built the early Pirates. He spent the money necessary to build a championship team. And finally … Honus Wagner was my father’s cousin.

  • January 22, 2018 at 12:22 am

    All the sports people, that aren’t from Pittsburgh, who know baseball feel the Houston package for Cole was better then the yankee package. With Houston we get a starter that could turn out to be pretty good. A left hand hitting third baseman who could adiquate starter for us at third. Also a bullpen pitcher with a live arm. And an outfielder who could be a fourth outfielder or better someday. The return for cutch wasn’t as strong because he’s gonna end up being a one yr rental for the giants. We did get a decent bull pen arm and a pretty good outfielder with a little pop. Pirate fans always want more for there players. The Yankees would not budge in there trade talks. The pirates wanted another quality player alongside Frazier someone like Andujar. But they would offer Frazier and a couple low minor league players. Thus the Houston trade came about. Maybe pirate fans should see what Moran, Feliz, Musgrove do before we call the trade a flop.

    • January 22, 2018 at 10:27 am

      The package was light. Musgrove is a backend starter or bullpen arm, most likely. However, my big argument is that this was a self-fullfilling prophecy set into motion after they sat on their hands after the 2015 season.


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