8 Years Of Hosmer

After a boring offseason there was a ton of action and new this week. It’s starts with the 8 year $144 MM signing of Eric Hosmer to the Padres. We can think of many other things we would rather have for 8 years than Eric Hosmer and you’ll be able to hear them all. Also, the Red Sox signed JD Martinez while the Pirates traded for Corey Dickerson who was DFA’d by the Rays. These deals were much nicer than the Hosmer deal.

Also, Sandy Alderson made a statement about getting Tim Tebow to the MLB this year. WHAT!? Of course this comes just a week after Geddis chose the Mets to be his new team. Geddis & Tyler share the same thought to this while DiNardo goes a little off the rails about his.

MLB has been trying to toy with changes to their game and pace of play. Well, apparently Rich Eisen has either come up with an idea or overhear MLB execs discuss an idea that he likes. Guess what – we hate it! On top of that, we discuss the new changes made by baseball to help improve upon the pace of play.