Championship Belt

DiNardo is the champion!! Ok, so not really but Geddis does present him with the Fantasy Football Championship Belt on this show. The crew breaks down a lot of what needs to be potentially changed with baseball. It starts with the Juan Nicasio trade to St. Louis. After breaking down that trade, we cannot understand why there is a trade ‘deadline’ if trades can still happen. Especially with the 2nd wildcard team (which needs some revisions of its own as well) we tackle some issues and solutions to the trade deadline in MLB. Since we are on the subject, what is up with a 40 man roster come September when every single other month you can only play with 25?

The show isn’t all the ranting and raving about baseball issues. DiNardo brings up the fact that there is something rather special happening in Cleveland and Arizona as both teams are on incredible winning streaks at the same time while nobody is really talking about it! Not just that, he breaks down some of the greatest streaks of all time in comparison. WagnerToCutch continues to go on about how much he hates the city of Cleveland, so that’s that.

Geddis has a few words about the Apple Watch incident that took place with the Boston Red Sox, and WagnerToCutch also has a few words about the Pirates organization and the 4 year extensions that were handed out this week.

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