It ain’t no funnnnnn…..If DK can’t haaaavvvvveeeee none.

Interesting day today. First, Deadspin finally breaks their article on DK PGH Sports. We learned just how awful it is/was working for their boss and all the scandalous things he has allegedly done. After discussing the article, we then provide you the top 10 questions asked at an interview with DK.

Since we are on the topic of writers, we next bring up the issues with the hall of fame voting. Of course, we congratulate the four that made it, but there is still no reason that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are not going to Cooperstown.

Next, baseball did a thing! The Brewers making all the highlights as they trade for Christian Yelich while sending four prospects to the Marlins. Is this a good deal for either side? One team really stood out in this deal for both hosts.

Lastly, Geddis plays the new trivia show with WagnerToHopeless and DiNardo. He asks the usual questions provided by @evilneal but has a special question from listener and Around The 412 member, Jamall Weeks.

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