Facebook Live-Cast

With nothing much going on this this uneventful 2017-18 MLB Offseason, we took it to Facebook to interact with our listeners and answer any questions they had. This was our second attempt at a Facebook Live-Cast and this time was came out successful!

Before we get into the questions and interactions, we did want to discuss the Jay Bruce 3 year $39 million signing back with the Mets. It was deemed an undervalued deal for the 30 year old slugger, but is it really though?

That, of course, wraps up the actual news portion for this week, so we take to twitter to answer question and talk about all kinds of things. Topics such as the Steelers vs Jaguars game, Jelly Donuts, DiNardo’s triple double, and WagnerToCutch looking like the Hamburglar.

Finally we wrap up the show with our new trivia segment between WagnerToCutch and DiNardo. Tune in to hear what impossible questions @evilneal sent Geddis this week.

Check below to watch the video in its entirety:

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