Free Agents, Valentine’s, & Bathroom Etiquette

Just a day after Valentine’s Day and we have have a great show for you. That’s right, it was just Valentine’s Day and we start off the show talking about Bathroom Etiquette at the workplace. Please listen to this because there are levels to this that many people apparently need to hear.
Next on the agenda, we get into baseball. Yu Darvish signed for a 6 year $126 million deal with the Cubs. This certainly bolsters the rotation on the North Side but just how well is this Cubs rotation? WagnerToCutch & DiNardo dissect this question along with comparing them to the rest of the National League. They furthermore look into the National League and predict who the real contenders will be this year.
Speaking of Free Agents – Geddis has been mauling all offseason to select his MLB team during his Fan Free Agency. Well, the time has come and Geddis makes his selection live on the show.
With the topics very Free Agency heavy, we discuss the current Free Agent Camp going on. It was reported this week that a scout tried to attend and was kicked out. Does this benefit the free agents or not? You guessed it, we have our opinions on this,
Lastly, we wrap up the show with a special guest joining the Dugout Crew. Trina (@trinacrosby) comes on the show to discuss Valentine’s Day while also giving us 5 ‘would you rather’ questions based around the Valentine’s theme. Everyone go make sure to hit up her DM’s.