Let’s Get These Free Agents Some Jobs

With Pitchers & Catchers about to report to Spring Training, we feel as if it is our duty to find jobs for the tons of remaining free agents in baseball. Tyler & DiNardo take some time out of their boring Monday afternoon’s to find something these players can do to earn money.

Since we are on the topic of free agents, Todd Frazier signed with the Mets. How does the trio think this among the other signings pans out for the New York Metropolitans? Also, does this mean Geddis may be resigning with the Mets during his MLB Fan Free Agency?

DiNardo brings up a note about a promotion from the Milwaukee Brewers having a presale open to only fans who live in Milwaukee. Apparently this has pissed a bunch of Cubs fans who won’t be able to purchase those tickets. Is this brilliant or an epic fail? Guess what, we tell ya our opinions.

Lastly, we play the New Game Show with Geddis featuring questions from @evilneal. It goes about as well as you expect.

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