MLB Movie Mania

You hear that? Shhhh…the Evil Empire is returning. With the Yankees already snagging Giancarlo it appears they are close to a deal with Gerrit Cole from the Pirates. This concludes the lovable baby bombers and begins the return of the Evil Empire.

With this said, we thought it would be fun to determine what other MLB teams would have referenced as their movie. Tyler & DiNardo give their list of teams and movies that you will definitely want to hear.

Miami Marlins have certainly been making some noise this offseason, though Dan Le Batard doesn’t appear too happy about it and makes sure to let Bob Manfred know. Problem is, is he right? We dive into what the Marlins are doing and if they are essentially doing what they should be doing or if Jeter and crew should really be focused on putting a product on the field for the fans.

Lastly, the news of BAM bringing around $50 million to every team makes you wonder how they’re going to spend it. Are we going to see the owners pocket it or invest it into the teams payroll? Hell, the could even invest it towards stadium improvements (wink wink Oakland!) Either way, this will help identify which owners are motivated by cash or wins. On top of that, there could be ways this change the landscape of MLB in ways that we speculate.

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