MLB Teams Did A Thing

Whoa, teams from Major League Baseball actually did something this week (mainly just one day). With all the surprising news, we are hear to give you our thoughts and opinions on everything that happened.

OK, before we get to all the moves we had to laugh at ourselves with our Ohtani takes last week. Sure, Ohtani fits great with the Yankees. Sure, Ohtani could go to the Dodgers because of all the Japanese players there. Sure, Ohtani would fit great with a big market team. Then Ohtani came to the states and said everything we said was – WRONG (Trump voice).

Now let’s begin the moves. The Cubs sign Tyler Chatwood. He comes with drastic home/away splits that seem like he could really benefit from being away from Coors field. Our Tyler may have some other opinions on Chatwood that may not be so favorable.

Next on the list is the Dee Gordon trade to the Mariners. This was a bit shocking for a few reasons. One, the Mariners have a couple of solid middle infielders and therefore they have already come out and said that Dee Gordon will be their center fielder. Secondly, the Mariners ALSO get a million dollars in international money. Ohtani anyone?? Listen to what we think of the Mariners chances next year after this move.

Since we are on topic of Marlins, the Dugout has a pretty valid question. With all the trade scenarios made public, would it be best for a team to trade pieces of their farm AND pay most of Stanton’s contract or instead just go out and get JD Martinez who would cost you no prospects and less money and years?

Lastly, we also debate a topic that Dan Duquette should pay attention to. Why are the Orioles NOT going to move Manny Machado? Thinking they even still have a core to make one last hurrah is crazy. Listen to see where a very possible destination for Machado could be if he were to be moved this offseason.

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