Ohhhhhh, baseball.

So the Braves thought they were going to get away with what!?

MLB came down pretty hard on the Atlanta Braves this week for all the shadiness their organization has contributed within the international signing and draft. Tyler and DiNardo both think they’re not the only team where this happens, but certainly the most obvious and worst at doing it. Hear more about their takes on this week’s show.

Also, you know what time of the year it is when Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Joe Morgan make the headlines. HALL OF FAME INDUCTION! With the Joe Morgan statement being released to the writers and one writer (Jose De Jesus Ortiz) making their incredibly wrong thoughts on the process, you can hear us give our takes (and rants) on why this is a big problem within baseball and the hall.

We wrap up the show with each of us giving our thanks and letting you all know what we are thankful for. Enjoy!

One thought on “Ohhhhhh, baseball.

  • November 26, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Atlanta is alone in only one aspect of this investigation, being punished. Ok with doing the time for the crime only ask that the other rule breakers serve right along side us. Every team should be similarly audited. Every team should suffer the same consequences for uncovered violations. Reset the international market, start a draft.

    Impossible to believe coppy and Blakely ‘who both came from the Yankees, started their shady international signings practices after coming to Atlanta


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