12/28 – It was Christmas week in MLB which is essentially the offseason of the MLB offseason. With all the front office away and spending time with their families, there usually isn’t much that happens, which is why there is not much new to discuss this week. No worries, the show always goes on!

New Years is just a few days away so why not give our resolutions for MLB teams and players. WagnerToCutch and DiNardo tell you all about the resolutions some individual players and teams need to work on for 2018. Listen to hear what the Marlins, Matt Harvey, and Miguel Sano need to work on to better themselves in the upcoming year.

Lastly (as we said it was a slow week) WagnerToCutch had the idea of ranking our top 10 drinking nights of the year. Obviously it is well known that bars tend to make a bit of money on Dec. 31, and that WagnerToCutch likes to drink, so we debate on what nights are the best and what nights are just completely overrated. Spoiler Alert, Valentine’s Day did not make the list.

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