Simma Down, Chief!

What another interesting week. No, not talking about in MLB Free Agency. This week we have a few more vent sessions in us as well as calling out some more idiots in media and twitter.

First, let’s start with the removal of Chief Wahoo. The Indians announced they will no longer use what use to be their main logo starting in 2019. Sure, this may seem like no big deal to all the rational people out there, but apparently to few it’s is almost like they lost their right to own things (pro tip – the people who find this logo offensive actually did).

OK, so we vent a little of the Indians logo and move on the more drama within media as Mark Madden and DK continue to prove to be outstanding citizens an entire city of Pittsburgh can be proud of. Let’s just say you will want to listen to hear what the trio has to say here.

Finally, we cap off the show making out Super Bowl prediction by playing a game of ‘Would You Rather’. With 10 questions being asked surrounding Boston and Philly, DiNardo’s Dugout makes their prediction based on the answers to these questions.

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