I was born in New Jersey but moved to a town outside of Pittsburgh in the early 90’s. Growing up, basketball was my first love. Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton and the rest of the Seattle Sonics were the shiznit to me. You would have no problem trying to find me either. I was probably at the nearest basketball court mastering all the And 1 moves (at least that’s the story I’m going to tell you) or having a 3-on-3 tourney in my parents’ driveway while Wu Tang Clan was blasting ‘Triump.’ Fast forward years later and nothing excites me more than hearing the crack of the catcher’s mitt on the first day Pitchers and Catchers report.

I now reside in Jacksonville, FL, and love almost every aspect of it. The one thing I truly miss is the city of Pittsburgh. I still make sure I find my way to the North Shore at least once a year to catch the Buccos, while also catching them often at Marlins Park and their Spring Training tour across the sunshine state. Over the years I have truly felt that baseball needs an infusion of young fresh faces. The “good ol’ boys” mentality is really putting a strain on the sport and its relationship with the audience. Much like many facets of life, change is what brings on forward movement, and I really want to help contribute to that.

I teamed up with a good friend, Geddis Shonekan, over the summer of 2015 to create – DiNardo’s Dugout. Yes, he knows as much about baseball as Vanilla Ice knows about the mean streets of the A1A, but it is his ignorance that adds that extra laugh in each and every show. Later, we teamed with @WagnerToCutch as an additional co-host. We intend to talk baseball with a quite different approach than what you typically hear from other outlets. I am underwhelmed with many of the baseball podcasts that are available to listen to. If you are as tired as I am from listening to the two old guys in their mother’s basement talking baseball, then tune in each and every week to DiNardo’s Dugout. I promise you will be entertained.


Hello world! My name is Geddis Shonekan. I was born in Queens, NY but raised in Jacksonville, FL. It may come to a shock, but I am a diehard Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Knicks fan (currently boycotting the Knicks though). DiNardo’s love for baseball is actually what made me get interested in the sport. If you’re new to the show, DiNardo and I spent all of the 2016 offseason trying to find a team that I could represent.

That team ended up being the New York Mets!
When I was young, I realized that I love to create. I stared producing music when I was 14 years old. Mainly, I created music for my listening pleasure but I desired to do something more. I wanted create something for mass consumption and something people would love. As random as it sounds, in a conversation with DiNardo, I decided to start producing podcasts and with DiNardo’s knowledge in baseball, found a niche that we could venture into. Now, here we are, with you, in DiNardo’s Dugout (pause).





The pride of Youngstown, Ohio, the one and only @WagnerToCutch is coming at you weekly with takes so hot they can melt the sun. I’m a lifelong masochistic Pirates fan. I didn’t see the Pirates post a winning season until I was 20 years old, so you can understand why I believe everything sucks.

Aside from the miserableness that comes with being a Pirates fan, I am also a huge baseball fan. Whether it’s complaining about nerdy sabermetrics, using nerdy sabermetrics, or complaining about relief pitcher usage, you can likely find me tweeting about baseball. I plan to bring those same unfiltered opinions from twitter to DiNardo’s Dugout every week.

Let’s have some fun.