Swipe To The Right

The offseason is coming to a close and the Dugout Crew actually have topics to really discuss now. After talking about Tyler’s coaching woes, we dive into the fact that the Twins and Brian Dozier have yet to discuss any contract extension. Why? Why? Why? Why would they not even entertain this?

In other offseason news, the Rays have lost their 2nd young pitcher to Tommy John surgery this spring. Jose De Loan and Brent Honeywell have both ended their 2018 season and not the Rays have discussed the idea of rolling out a 4 man rotation this season. This is great news as DiNardo states, but WagnerToCutch isn’t completely sold. You will hear more on their opinions to this decision.

Next, we reintroduce a segment that has become quite popular to the show called ‘Would You Rather.’ Things like deleting twitter account, Tyler Glasnow, Russell Wilson, & jumping off bridges are what we have to debate on this segment. Lord, it gets wild about now!

DiNardo’s Dugout also introduces a new segment – Swipe Left or Right. Here, we bring up rumors, intriguing stats, and or other topics and decide if we will swipe right or left on the news. Tim Lincecum, Noah Syndergaard, Ichiro, and more are our first victim’s to this segment.

As always, we end the show with ‘The New Game Show’ as Super Producer Geddis asks 5 questions provided by @evilneal to each cohost.

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