@WagnerToCutch’s #SOTW

This week’s Suck of the Week is the member of the Pittsburgh media that everyone loves to hate. The one and only Mark Madden. Anyone who follows Pittsburgh sports already is aware of how badly Madden sucks, but he’s our inaugural member for a more recent issue.

Mark recently proved again why the only people who listen to him are degenerate inbreeds afraid to stray from the narrative. In his most recent debacle, the former wrestling announcer tweeted “No HR, no RBI in playoff career. No series wins in playoff career. No div titles. Cutch not half as likeable as MAF (Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury), accomplished much less.”

Granted, by all accounts, Marc-Andre Fleury is one of the greatest people you’ll ever come across. This is a much deeper issue, however. Going back further, Madden has called McCutchen a “douche”, “whiny baby” and a “dick”.

We should all be thankful that the Pittsburgh market has such a great judge of character such as Mark Madden. After all, he keeps great company such as “good guy” (his words, not mine) former WWE superstar Scott Hall. Hall is such a great guy that his rap sheet reads dropped charges for double murder, arrested for groping a woman, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and domestic violence.

Madden also cozies up to former WWE superstars Stone Cold Steve Austin (domestic violence), Jerry Lawler (accused of sexual assault against a 15 year old), Lex Luger (domestic violence) and Pittsburgh’s own Kurt Angle (arrested for many things).

It’s a shame that McCutchen is such a bad person with that Roberto Clemente Award, charity work and zero off the field issues. The truth is, there’s a chance that McCutchen isn’t the nicest guy in the world. I don’t know him, but I’m damn sure not going to trust the judgment of Mark Madden.

If you want to keep listening to the self-proclaimed “super genius” be my guest. Just do me a favor and unfollow me on Twitter and keep your stupid opinions to yourself, because the guy you love really, really sucks.


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